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wissenschaftliche publikationen.

Sebastian Weik, Claus-Eberhard Liedtke
Hierarchical 3D Pose Estimation for Articulated Human Body Models from a Sequence of Volume Data
Robot Vision 2001, February 16-18, Auckland, New Zealand, 2001
Sebastian Weik, Jochen Wingbermühle, Wolfgang Niem
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The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation 2000, vol. 11, pp. 145-154, 2000
S. Weik
Passive Full Body Scanner Using Shape from Silhouettes
Proceedings of the ICPR, 2000, Barcelona, Spain, 2000
Sebastian Weik, Oliver Niemeyer
Three-dimensional Motion Estimation for Articulated human templates using a sequence of stereoscopic image pairs
Proceedings of Visual Communications and Image Processing, VCIP99, Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 3653, 1999, 1999
Sebastian Weik, Jochen Wingbermühle, Wolfgang Niem
Automatic Creation of Flexible Antropomorphic Models for 3D Videoconferencing
Proceedings of Computer Graphics International CGI, June 22-26 1998, Hanover, Germany, 1998
Bruno Nagel, Sebastian Weik, Claus-Eberhard Liedtke
Automated Modelling of Real Human Faces for 3D Animation
Proceedings ICPR 1998, Brisbane, Australia, 1998
J. Wingbermühle, S. Weik
Towards Automatic Creation of Realistic Antropomorphic Models for Realtime 3D Telecommunication
Journal of VLSI Signal Processing Systems, Special Issue on Multimedia Signal Processing, vol. 20, 1998, pp. 81-96, 1998
C.-E. Liedtke, S. Weik, J. Wingbermühle, M. Kampmann, L. Falkenhagen, W. Niem
How Far Away are We From the Virtual Actor and the Virtual Scene?
Proceedings of the International Television Symposium, Montreux, Switzerland, 12-17 June 1997, 1997
Sebastian Weik
Registration of 3-D Partial Surface Models Using Luminance and Depth Information
Proceedings of the International Conference 3-D Imaging and Modeling, May 12 -- 15, 1997, Ottawa, Canada, 1997
Jochen Wingbermühle, Sebastian Weik
Highly Realistic Modeling of Persons for 3D Videoconferencing Systems
IEEE Signal Processing Society 1997 Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, June 23-25, 1997, Princeton, New Jersey, USA, 1997 (html-version)
Sebastian Weik, Oliver Grau
Recovering 3-D Object Geometry using a Generic Constraint Description
XVIII. Congress of International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 9.-19.July 1996, Vienna, 1996
Dr. Sebastian Weik